Return and Refund Policy 

  1. We will be responsible for product manufacturing defects. All requests are required to be attached with supportive photos consisting of 6 standard shoots:
    • Carton/ Packaging Photos
    • Carton marking showing product code and batch no.
    • Overall product image.
    • General damage area
    • Closed up shot on the defective part.
    If your request is proved justifiable, we will send you the spare parts. Our customer service personnel will be in touch with you to arrange for spare part delivery as soon as possible.
  2. We does not accept goods return with the following conditions:-
    • Furniture that has already been assembled.
    • Furniture damaged due to handling issues.
    • Furniture without the original packaging OR packing material that is damaged upon scrutinization.
  3. For fragile items such as mirrors or those containing glass, the recipient is required to check the goods condition on the spot upon receival. You are required to contact our customer service personnel if there are any goods damage issue within 24 hours. All damage claims will NOT be entertained after this period.
  4. No merchandise is allowed to return to us without prior authorization from our business executive or customer service personnel. Our drivers are NOT authorized to accept any return merchandise without the “Goods Collection Noted” document.
  5. We do not accept or honour arbitrary charge, claims, deductions, or returns without our prior acknowledgement or agreement.
  6. In the event that the quantity of goods received does not tally with the invoice and delivery order document, the recipient MUST state the quantity on the delivery order. You are required to contact our customer service personnel within 24 hours. All claims will not be entertained afterwards.
  7. You may purchase extra parts or hardware from us by contacting the customer service department to enquire about the prices and delivery arrangement. Parts and hardware are subject to availability.
  8. We provide a wide variety of standards in wood finishes and fabrics. Our finishes do not mask the grain and other characteristic of individual wood species. Pieces of the same type of wood will not look identical, and the appearance of finishes will depend on the natural colour of the veneer. Pin knots and gum pockets are inherent traits as wood is a naturally variable raw material. Such variances are not within our control and therefore, not considered as defects under the warranty.
  9. Fabrics may vary in colour, texture, print or patterns, and sometimes may not be aligned at the joints. No guarantee can be made for exact matches of fabric such as those displayed in the showroom, with fabrics appearing on the final products.